What are the countries that account for the higher share of aluminum exports?

04. December 2023

1. North American market

The United States and Canada are one of the countries with the highest percentage of aluminum exports. The United States is one of the main importers of aluminum, its demand is huge, and the U.S. Mexico connected to the Sable Area Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has further promoted the aluminum trade in North America. In addition, Canada's own aluminum demand is also high, and it is also a manufacturer itself, there are a number of large international companies headquartered in the region.

2. the European market

Europe as a highly developed economy, the demand for aluminum is also very large. The demand for aluminum is very different in European countries, but Germany and France are still the mainstay of the European aluminum market. In addition, countries such as Spain and Italy are also important markets for aluminum exports.

3、Asian market

China is one of the world's largest aluminum producers and the world's largest aluminum consumer. With the rapid development of China's automobile industry, construction industry, etc., China's demand for aluminum continues to increase, becoming the main force of global aluminum production and consumption.

In addition, India, South Korea, Japan and other countries are also important export markets for aluminum, due to the rapid development of construction, automotive and other industries in these countries, the demand for aluminum is also increasing.

4、Other regions

In addition to the above three major regions, Australia and Brazil and other countries are also aluminum exports accounted for a relatively high region. Brazil, in particular, has a high demand for aluminum wheels, glass curtain walls and other products, which is one of the important markets for aluminum importers.

To sum up, the countries with high aluminum exports mainly include North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Brazil. For aluminum exporters who want to enter these markets, they need to make appropriate adjustments and optimization according to the market demand of different countries and changes in trade policies to meet the needs of different countries.


Which countries are the main exporters of aluminum?
21. February 2024

Which countries are the main exporters of aluminum?

The main exporters of aluminum vary over time due to market dynamics and changes in production capacity. However, historically, some of the largest exporters of aluminum include China, Russia, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, and Australia. It’s important to note that the rankings can fluctuate, so it’s always good to refer to the latest data for the most accurate information.

How many kinds of aluminum materials are there? What are they?
22. January 2024

How many kinds of aluminum materials are there? What are they?

There are several types of aluminum materials commonly used in various industries.

Applications of Aluminum Profiles
18. September 2023

Applications of Aluminum Profiles

As a light metal, aluminum is the most abundant metal element in the earth's crust after oxygen and silicon. Aluminum and aluminum alloys have low density, high strength, corrosion resistance, good electrical and thermal conductivity, easy processing, and malleability. Weldable, recyclable and other characteristics, these characteristics determine that aluminum and aluminum alloys have a very wide range of application fields, and play an important role in the industrial field.

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