Applications of Aluminum Profiles

18. September 2023

As a light metal, aluminum is the most abundant metal element in the earth's crust after oxygen and silicon. Aluminum and aluminum alloys have low density, high strength, corrosion resistance, good electrical and thermal conductivity, easy processing, and malleability. Weldable, recyclable and other characteristics, these characteristics determine that aluminum and aluminum alloys have a very wide range of application fields, and play an important role in the industrial field.

1、Application of aluminum profiles in the field of aerospace industry

Aluminum alloys are widely used in aerospace and are known as "flying metals". Aerospace mainly utilizes the characteristics of high strength, heat resistance, and corrosion resistance of aluminum alloys, and profiles are selected according to different parts of aircraft and spacecraft. The general applications are as follows:

High-strength aluminum profiles with high hardness and strength are required for fuselage components, operating systems, engine compartments and seats;

The parts near the engine room and the air exchange system must use heat-resistant profiles due to continuous heat generation;

Wall panels, beams, stringers, propellers, etc. on the aircraft wings need to be made of corrosion-resistant aluminum profiles.

2、Application of aluminum profiles in the field of rail transit

Aluminum profiles used in the transportation field can effectively reduce the dead weight, increase the payload, and prolong the service life, which is of great significance to energy saving and emission reduction, improving the economic benefits of the transportation industry and the efficiency of road transportation.

Urban rail transit

Urban rail transit mainly includes subway and light rail. The parts that use more aluminum profiles are mainly aluminum alloy carriages, conductive bus bars, luggage racks, windows, etc.

High speed rail

In recent years, high-speed railways have developed rapidly. High-speed trains with a speed of more than 200 kilometers per hour have high requirements for light weight, airtightness, and corrosion resistance. Aluminum alloy car bodies have absolute advantages in the application of rail vehicles. Aluminum profiles are mainly used in railway carriages, car bodies, luggage racks, track profiles, etc.

3、Application of aluminum profiles in the field of new energy vehicles and commercial vehicles

New energy vehicles

Aluminum profiles can be used in new energy car body frames, motor casings, battery aluminum trays, bumpers, etc., passenger cars, bus bodies, luggage racks, seat systems, etc. my country's new energy vehicles are in the trend of lightweight, intelligent, and information-based development; a large number of aluminum profiles and aluminum honeycomb panels are used for lightweight car bodies.

Logistics vehicle, bus, semi-trailer, coal truck, tanker

Aluminum profiles can be used for the girders, beams, longitudinal beams, car bodies, and accessories of transport vehicles. Aluminum alloy trailers are a typical representative of lightweight vehicles. In addition to energy saving and environmental protection, they can also reduce vehicle weight, reduce fuel consumption, and improve transportation efficiency.

Refrigerated container field

A refrigerated container is an insulated container specially designed for refrigerated goods or low-temperature goods that require a certain temperature during transportation.

Due to the light weight, corrosion resistance, easy surface treatment, easy formability, low temperature performance, stability and other performance characteristics of aluminum alloy materials, extruded aluminum profiles can be used for container parts with complex sections, which is conducive to simplifying the manufacturing process and reducing processing costs. Repair fees.

Generally, it is mainly used as the floor in the box, connectors, thresholds, forklift guide rails, ground support beams, top support beams, side aluminum plate upper and lower fixed beams, corner connectors in the box, exterior decorations, cold air doors, box door frames and box doors. hinges etc.

4、Application of aluminum profiles in the field of marine ships

Aluminum is also an advanced material for building ships and marine engineering structural parts. The characteristics of light weight, strong mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy make it the material of choice for modern ships.

Ships made of aluminum alloy have the characteristics of high speed, long service life, high load capacity and low maintenance cost.

Aluminum profiles are also widely used in ships. Deformed aluminum alloys are used for the sides, bottom panels, keels, decks, and engine pedestals of speedboats, sailboats, passenger ships, and military boats.

In the application of aircraft carriers, due to the unique characteristics of low density and high strength of aluminum profiles, it plays a vital role in improving the tactical and technical characteristics of aircraft carriers.

5、Application of aluminum profiles in the field of military weapons and equipment

Aluminum profiles are widely used in the field of military weapons and equipment. The light weight, strength and corrosion resistance of aluminum profiles make them ideal for military equipment manufacturing, improving equipment performance, mobility and reliability while reducing weight and energy consumption.

The lightweight of weapons and equipment has an important impact on the endurance and maneuverability of weapons. Aluminum alloys are widely used in weapons and equipment. In addition to armored vehicles, deformed aluminum alloys are used for balance connecting rod bases, brake discs, steering knuckles, turret seats, Smoke launchers, etc.

Military vehicles: Aluminum profiles are used in the chassis and body structure of military vehicles such as tanks and armored vehicles, which can reduce the overall weight and improve flexibility and mobility.

Weapon system: Aluminum profiles are used in the manufacture of artillery, missile launchers and rocket engines to improve portability and reliability.

Warships and submarines: Aluminum profiles are used to support the hull structure, deck and internal equipment to improve the depth and speed of submersion.

6、Application of aluminum profiles in the field of power

Aluminum profiles are widely used in the field of power. It is used for the conductors and ground wires of transmission lines, with good conductivity and corrosion resistance. The application of aluminum profiles in the power field helps to improve transmission efficiency, reduce weight burden, and promote the construction of reliable power transmission and energy storage systems.

Aluminum profiles are also widely used in the structures of transmission towers and substations. Due to their lightweight and corrosion resistance characteristics, they have lower costs and shorter construction cycles.

Aluminum profiles are also used in the manufacturing of cable tray systems and battery racks, playing an important role in power storage and cable installation.

7、Application of aluminum profiles in the field of 3c radiator

The aluminum profiles of radiators we often see are flat and wide, comb-shaped, fishbone-shaped, fin-shaped or sunflower-shaped, etc. Their common feature is that there are many slender teeth, which can increase the contact with the air, take the heat away more evenly, and the heat dissipation effect is better.

Aluminum profiles are widely used in radiators. Aluminum profiles can be used for heat dissipation in electronic appliances, photovoltaic inverters, wind power generation, air compressors, large electric cabinets, wireless transmission towers, and high-power LED lights.

Aluminum profiles are also widely used in the 3C field, including computers, communication equipment, mobile phones, photographic camera equipment, and housings for household appliances.

8、Application of aluminum profiles in the field of photovoltaic

The solar photovoltaic profiles involved in the photovoltaic industry include solar cell frames, solar photovoltaic brackets, solar photovoltaic tile fasteners, etc. The battery panel frames and their supporting structure pillars, pull rods, support legs, etc. can all be extruded using currently economical and durable aluminum alloy materials. Utilizing the advantages of good mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, and lightweight of aluminum profiles, they are increasingly used in the photovoltaic field. Aluminum profiles are used as photovoltaic components, frames, etc., especially in distributed photovoltaic power generation on roofs and floors, agricultural photovoltaic greenhouses, photovoltaic frames, etc.

9、 Application of aluminum profiles in the field of robotics

Manufacturing intelligence, automation, and informatization are the future development trends. Robots are used more and more in factories. The extensive use of robots also creates a certain demand for aluminum profiles. In addition to manufacturing robots using aluminum profiles, robot production lines will use a large number of aluminum profiles. The profiles are used as fences, brackets, trunking, etc.

10、Application of aluminum profiles in the field of elderly healthcare

With the development of society, the elderly population is increasing, the pension industry and pension institutions will also be increasingly developed, and many pension institutions will purchase a large number of elderly care equipment.

Aluminum profiles are mainly used in stretcher frames, medical equipment, nursing beds, wheelchairs, medical accompanying chairs, etc. The alloys are characterized by light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, easy to carry, easy to disassemble, and beautiful appearance, and are now widely used This field is expected to grow rapidly in the future.

11、Application of aluminum profiles in the field of furniture

In the field of furniture, it is particularly obvious to use aluminum strip wood, replace steel with aluminum, and replace plastic with aluminum. All-aluminum furniture has high technological content, low resource consumption, and less environmental pollution. It has realized the "green" transformation of the furniture industry. In recent years, aluminum Aluminum cabinets, aluminum wardrobes, and aluminum outdoor products have all achieved rapid development.

12、Application of aluminum profiles in the field of flood control

With the development of aluminum profile technology, the advantages of aluminum profiles are more prominent, and they are also involved in the field of flood control. Aluminum profiles can be used in flood control walls and flood control baffles.

Except for the ground piles, the flood wall is made of steel, and the upper part of the wall panels and columns are made of aluminum profiles. There is a large demand for aluminum profiles. This prefabricated flood wall can be used for dams or embankments built on concrete structure foundations. It can be installed and disassembled Free and convenient.

The aluminum alloy flood baffle has the characteristics of light weight, corrosion resistance, recyclable recycling, high residual value of waste, and simple installation.


What Is Aluminum?
18. September 2023

What Is Aluminum?

Aluminum(or aluminium) is a soft, lightweight, silvery metal. It is an element in the boron group on the periodic table of elements, with the symbol Al and atomic number 13. On the earth’s crust, aluminium is the most abundant metal, and the third most abundant of all elements on the earth’s crust, after oxygen and silicon.

How many kinds of aluminum materials are there? What are they?
22. January 2024

How many kinds of aluminum materials are there? What are they?

There are several types of aluminum materials commonly used in various industries.

The difference between 6063 and 6061 aluminum alloy?
19. October 2023

The difference between 6063 and 6061 aluminum alloy?

The 6-series aluminum alloys are medium-strength heat-treatable alloys. Magnesium has a significant effect on strengthening aluminum alloys, and zinc and copper also have obvious strengthening effects on aluminum alloys.

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