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1100 Aluminum Coil

1100 Aluminum Coil

1100 aluminum coils are industrial pure aluminum, which has the advantages of high elongation, tensile strength, excellent electrical conductivity, and high formability. High corrosion resistance, does not require high strength components.

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1100 Pure Aluminum, a common industrial pure aluminum with 99.0% aluminum content.It cannot be strengthened by heat treatment; its strength is low, but it has good ductility. Formability, weldability and corrosion resistance; anodizing can further improve its corrosion resistance, while obtaining a beautiful surface.

1100 Aluminum Alloy is a commonly used aluminum alloy material whose composition mainly includes elements such as aluminum, copper, manganese, magnesium and zinc. This alloy has good strength, corrosion resistance and weldability, and is widely used in aerospace, automotive manufacturing, construction engineering and other fields.

The main component of 1100 aluminum alloy is aluminum. Aluminum is a lightweight metal with low density, good thermal conductivity and good electrical conductivity. It has excellent plasticity and machinability and can be processed into various shapes by die casting, extrusion and rolling.

Alloy 1100
Temper O,H12,H14,H16H18,H19,H22,H24,H26,H28,H32,H34,H36,H38
Thickness (mm ) 0.2-10.0
Width (mm ) 100-2650
Length (mm ) c

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